om namah shivaya
pandit pyare lal

A political astrologer of deep learning and global reputation like our astrologer Pyare lal ji can expertly offer you very beneficial and momentum information about careers in politics and the possibilities for the desired success and fame in the world of regional, national or international politics. In the sophisticated and delicate in political astrology, he possesses very rewarding and demanding experience of more than seven years.

political astrology specialist

The possibility of a career in politics, and the opportunities to achieve success and reputation in the political world, and also the possible outcomes of any political moves in the political career, is inherently and significantly influenced by the analysis of birth chart that person. Our huge read and experienced astrologer global approbation makes extensive and comprehensive observation of the birth chart of his client, and implement intelligent analysis of the facts found, to pass opinions and predictions about these things. His highly admired political astrology services are separately described in the section below for greater comfort.

As per Vedic Astrology, for a stable, prosperous and famous career in politics, the following planets should be well positioned in the birth chart, be good in nature and plenty strong, and should form favorable Yogas with other planets ---- the sun, the moon, Saturn, Jupiter, Rahu, Mercury, and Mars. Again, the status of the following houses in the birth chart will be studied and analyzed for suitability, success and wealth in politics --- Tenth House eleventh house, seventh house, and the sixth house. Again, there are many other factors are also associated with flourishing career in politics, such as birth natives under certain Zodiac Sign, specific astrology yoga or dosha, interconnection between different houses and planets, etc.

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