om namah shivaya
pandit pyare lal

Love marriages can not only be done smoothly by astrological measures but which could also be more harmonious, happy and lasting. Many areas and things of the birth chart of a person provides clear indications about the opportunity and status for romance, love affairs, love or inter-caste marriage and marital harmony and the relationship between the person with his / her partner or spouse. Therefore, horoscope matching commonly recommended for love marriages and inter-caste marriages also.

So far, our grand astrologer global acclamation supported numerous love marriages and inter-caste marriages in India and other countries around the world, through his impeccable and sure-astrology solutions. Here it must be noted that our well-read and benign astrologer is not only well-versed in implementing love and inter-caste marriages of people with enough matching horoscopes, but also to pave the way for the love marriages these people who have many serious astrological missing and mismatch. The factors responsible for affairs of the heart and love marriages, including inter-caste marriages are described separately in the lower sub-heading. Moreover, astrology services to love marriage with parent’s approval is also extended nonchalant and quite economical by our benevolent astrologer in India .

parent approval for marriage

Although many houses, planets and factors related to romance, love affairs, marriage and relationship with partner / spouse, the most significant and decisive houses is the seventh house, the fifth house and the eleventh house in the birth chart of a person. Again, the most favorable and benevolent planets at these things in life are Venus, Mars, Jupiter and the Moon. In addition, some specific Lagans or yoga is also responsible for bringing about or encouraging love affairs and love marriages for those affected. Our well-seasoned and globally admired astrologer analyzes all these elements in particular, beyond the general observation and analysis of the birth chart that person.

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