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Husband Wife Problem Specialist Tantrik Baba ji A common adage is that is not clap with one hand, it is done by two hands, which is equivalent husband wife relationship is working with both of its creation. Husband and wife have to perform a vital role in their life and they have to balance in their married life. To show responsibility in love, attention to your partner can save your marriage. in a love relationship it is necessary because the soul unites two people permanently forever.

You love your wife, but their relationship has serious problems. How can you talk to your partner about it without making things worse? Some people are so afraid to hurt your spouse suffer for years in silence. Ironically, sometimes both partners suffer in silence for years by the same problem. The timing of sustained relations has ended and couples are realizing that without open discussion and partnership, your marriage will end. Spouses are less inclined to hold on to a marriage when they are not satisfied and less inclined to work in union with the passage of time. You need to get any problem to the weather, early, and the most productive way possible.

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"A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down" is a phrase from the movie Mary Pippins. It is good advice to tell people what you may not want to hear - spouses included. In the case of talking to your husband or wife who is not satisfied with anything about your marriage, you will have to be quick to add that you want your marriage better for both. Something like this, "John / Jill, I am not satisfied with our relationship, but I want to work on it and make it better for both." Saying thus help your spouse to take seriously without making it look like a car accident. Be sure to choose a time when things are going well. Never try to do this during or just after a fight.

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