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pandit pyare lal

Gemstones have been prominent use since ancient times to relieve or eliminate the harmful effects of planets and strengthen the good and constructive forces or influences favors planets. The gemstones are known for their capacity to absorb the specific planetary radiation and thereby protect the natives from the likely problems related to health, finances, family, business / profession, social status, etc. Different stones have different effects or results; and gems influence not only the thoughts and deeds of people wearing them, but also the entire body of these people. Therefore, before wearing a gemstone a person is firmly advised to consult a mature and reputed astrologer to avert the possible harmful effects of the gemstone.

gemstones astrologer in india

Our gemstone specialist astrologer Pyare lal ji global approbation suggest wearing any gemstone after extensive and careful observation of the birth chart his every client. Considering, while observation and analysis, the location and nature of the planets in the birth chart, transit of planets, good and bad effects of planets, good and bad astrology yoga, etc. Besides suggesting the most curative or beneficial stones, he also provides guidance on the most auspicious time to wear the proposed gemstone on specific finger that the most suitable metal pedestal ring, and cleansing and energizing the mantra and the process is done well before wearing gemstone-studded ring.

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